Managing COVID-19

Saving lives by providing critical real-time information to clinicians in the fight against COVID-19

Sometimes too much information can be more dangerous than too little.

Here at Patienteer, for almost a decade, we have been working tirelessly to improve patient flow in hospitals. We use the data from the hospital’s Electronic Medical Record (eMR) to present the treating clinicians with an “at a glance” view of what they really need to know.

Our unique, innovative real-time analytics software has been fundamental to delivering better patient outcomes, reducing clinician stress whilst simultaneously reducing costs. In the era of COVID-19, Patienteer has become a crucial tool in the fight to save lives.

Many hospitals worldwide are getting to the point where everyone is at capacity and there aren’t enough medical staff to get all the tasks done in a timely manner.


At a glance, Patienteer is saving lives. How? By taking the noise out of the data in the eMR, we can show medical staff what’s wrong in real-time and what action to take. Not even a ‘click’ is required.

The major benefit with the COVID-19 module is that there is early awareness of patient deterioration, help keeping them safe and prevent further deterioration that can often lead to ICU.


There are three critical areas in which Patienteer makes a significant difference:

  • 1. Early awareness of patient deterioration

    If you don’t intervene early enough, then more patients end up in ICU, and some of them get there too late.

    Many people are dying of COVID-19 because it is difficult to predict who to prioritise first. Clinicians are doing their best, but they don’t have the tools to help them be their best.

    Patienteer workflow technology is different to any other EMR. It prioritises tasks in real-time based on each patient’s condition and available resources. Patienteer’s proprietary algorithm analyses the data entered into the hospital’s eMR every few minutes and dynamically presents the condition of the patient to the clinicians for immediate action.

  • 2. Quicker detection and intervention when bottlenecks occur

    Patienteer takes the assumptions and opinions out of decision- making in the process of patient flow, predicting the bottlenecks before they happen. When a delay of an hour – or even less – can be the difference between a patient surviving or dying, this feature alone will save lives.

  • 3. Astute movement and care of patients

    This is a challenge in any hospital. The clinical and prognosis status of each patient is changing regularly. Patients need to be treated in the right place in the right cohort. This needs to happen quickly. Patienteer is at a glance. It tells you where each patient is best placed, what needs to happen next, when and by which department.

Patienteer is a breakthrough, world-first clinical tool that helps save lives.

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