Craig Burke, Patienteer CEO, meets with Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Hon. Matt Hancock, to discuss the future of health technology

In February 2019, our CEO Craig Burke met with Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, to discuss how best to leverage the opportunities within health technology to improve patient outcomes and treatment.

Craig identified that Patienteer specialises in turning electronic health data into useful information for real-time decision making, at a Trust level. To do this at a National level, it was noted that the challenge was to politically and technically enable the secure flow of information between technology solutions, which will enable technical innovators to further support clinicians in realising improvements in patient outcomes.

Craig and Matt agreed that to fully optimise solutions such as Patienteer, the health sector needs to become better at getting data out of hospital systems, and then being able to easily share that data. Craig briefly suggested that besides existing technologies to extract data, there are other emerging technologies such as blockchain solutions that could interconnect health data in different trust zones, such as technologies like #Overledger from Quant Network.

Craig noted that Matt is aware of the barriers of patient consent and shared information, but he did not seem concerned; in fact, he was as frustrated as we all are by the situation.

Craig noted that a further challenge is ensuring a high quality of data comes out of these systems. It all depends on how well the data is inputted in by clinicians, in the first place. We, of course, also understand the challenges and clinical fatigue created by current electronic systems, but also understand the importance on effective, well-resourced training.

Speaking of the issues raised, Craig said: “We have been working on these problems for a while and it’s becoming very apparent that using real-time workflow analytics to help clinicians do their job (by actually displaying back the data in an interesting way) not only facilitates better flow and reduces delays, but also encourages compliance and better utilisation of electronic systems, hence improving data entry & data quality.

It was a really positive meeting and a great chance for Craig and Matt to discuss ‘the bigger picture’ of health technology, and the challenges lurking within it. Continuing the discussion, Matt arranged for Craig to meet with his Senior Technology Advisors in healthcare the following day.

Matt is now keen to visit one of our sites to see the full potential of Patienteer. Watch this space!